St Oscar Romero Parish


At both of our church buildings, anyone is welcome to join us in the choir loft to help make music.

Whether you’re an experienced singer or you just love a go on karaoke every now and again, help us to fill our church buildings with song!

There’s no need to get in touch (but you can if you like) – just turn up in the loft at any of our services in either church building.

Music update – May 2022

It is safe to say that all three of us feel absolutely blessed to have each other in a team that leads the music in our church buildings. With so many churches without musicians, to be surrounded by each other as well as other singers and musicians is something we are all grateful for.

We have had a strange start to our new team with restrictions on what can, can’t, should and shouldn’t be done in regards to singing and music due to COVID-19 but we seem to now be on the right track to be back to a “normal” pattern of music.

And we’ve had a great start to this with the Oscar Romero Week of Prayer and Holy Week. What delights us is that we have been able to work together, share the load and relieve pressure from each other at peak times. We really feel like we’re beginning to create something special by working together.

However, we’re also really aware that some of you reading this may not know some or all of us. You might be thinking “what is SEMusic?” “Who is Sophie? Who is Ben?” so we wanted to share something with you to introduce ourselves and tell you about the work we do at Mass, in the community and online too.

We’re also using this to ask your help and support. We know that the way things work at each of our church buildings is different but all three of us are committed to make a music provision that works side by side more effectively, involves people appropriately and ultimately makes the music ministry that we serve better than ever before.

There’s so much that goes on where music is concerned within our parish and we want to create a plan that works for everyone to allow us to grow, develop and work in harmony as One Parish Music Team.

With thanks and best wishes,
Charlie, Ben and Sophie