St Oscar Romero Parish
Music Team

Music Team

Following a review into the music provision in across both parishes, a Parish Music Team was formed to deliver the music with a cross section of musicians from both churches and invitations to all parishioners to attend discussions.

The Parish Music Team is made up of:

  • Charlie Corkin, Lead Musician & Director (SEMusic)
  • Ben Dolan, Lead Musician & Assistant Director (SEMusic)
  • Helen Lee, Services Coordinator (Parish and SEMusic)
  • Sophie McQueen, Deputy Lead Musician & Deputy Director (SEMusic)
  • Eddie Varey, Lead Musician
  • Jackie Williams, Musician
  • VACANT – parishioner from Our Lady, Star of the Sea church
  • VACANT – parishioner from St Edmund of Canterbury church

The full review can be read here.

Terms of Reference for the Parish Music Team

The Parish Music Team will strengthen and carry out the vision of the Parish through music ministry, designing dynamic and meaningful services and events that nurture and enhance experiences for the people of our communities by working in partnership with SEMusic (registered charity no.: 1196356).

The role of PMT is to:

  • Develop a vision and aim that reflects the Parish and, in collaboration with SEMusic, the wider community
  • Work together to develop guidelines, processes and systems for music ministry within the Parish
  • Identify moments of unity across the Parish and how music can take a central role in this
  • Recognise, encourage and nurture music leadership and music ministry including training of new musicians and singers
  • Work with the Parish Pastoral Council and Liturgy Group to embed the wider Parish mission in music programmes
  • Regularly evaluate and reassess the goals of the music provision in light of the needs of the Parish
  • Keep the congregation informed of music activities and programmes
  • Discuss and offer possible music related problems
  • Monitor financial needs for the music programme

The role of the lead musician(s) is to:

  • Lead music at regular services
  • Plan in advance music choices, that are relevant and liturgically appropriate, and share with relevant musicians
  • Support the PMT to develop and broaden the music provisions at St Oscar Romero Parish through new music and new events or services
  • Train musicians and singers in new and existing repertoire

Structure and governance

  • PMT reports to the Liturgy Group and to the Parish Priest
  • There is no dedicated ‘chairperson’ for the group, it is an open forum for active feedback and discussion from the team
  • PMT should comprise of the lead musicians, other musicians and members of the Parish or wider community up to a maximum of eight
  • The meetings should be open to all to attend and should rotate by venue where possible.


  • PMT is not the place to decide hymn choices; it can be used as a place to suggest and share new repertoire for performance across the Parish, but hymn selection should lie locally with the lead musician at each service
  • PMT is not a place for rehearsing, this should be done separately in line with the rehearsal schedule